BEST Plus Training Was A Success!

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AmeriCorps member and newly trained BEST Plus tester Matt studies his test booklet

September is one of the busiest months at the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia. It is especially busy for our new AmeriCorps members. The first weeks are packed with training as was the case this past Saturday which prepared the AmeriCorps members for a major aspect of this week’s classroom registrations. Before getting started with her AmeriCorps service to LCNV, Minta Trivette was most looking forward to her initial interactions with students through conversations and testing. Now that she, Matt, Courtney, and Erin participated in a BEST Plus training on September 12, 2009, Minta and the other training participants are prepared to administer the tests.

The training, hosted by LCNV this past Saturday, was given by the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center’s ESOL Specialist Nancy Faux. The BEST Plus is an assessment tool developed by the Center for Applied Linguistics for ESOL learners. Seventeen people (including LCNV’s four new AmeriCorps members) were trained and are now certified to deliver the test. The LCNV Classroom Programs uses the BEST Plus for placement and evaluation of students. Courtney Pergal said, “The training made me more excited about administering the test to students.” Erin Andrews liked the format of the training, “It was especially helpful to see the examples of how to score the test after watching a video of a test in progress.” What Matt Arnold enjoyed most about the training was meeting other teachers and volunteers that will be teaching and/or administering tests to students in the field. LCNV relies on volunteer testers to administer the BEST Plus at the beginning and the end of semesters. We look forward to involving the newly trained volunteers in our upcoming registrations. They join a much-appreciated group of volunteers that through their commitment as testers make our classes possible.

For new and returning BEST Plus testers check this blog posting on September 10 about BEST Plus testing tips.  If you are interested in volunteering as a BEST Plus tester, please e-mail!

Carisa Pineda, Family Learning Program Specialist

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