The first week of registration promises an exciting year!

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The prospect of getting in front of a classroom can be daunting, especially with students that you have yet to share a common language with.  During our first week of student registrations, however, I learned that language barriers can be conquered.  There are other ways to express ourselves.  This fact became increasingly apparent when talking to new students.

Americorps members recieve training for the upcoming months.

Americorps members receive training for the upcoming months.

 At the LCNV teacher training this weekend, which was orchestrated and led by our former Americorps teacher, Adrienne Ward, all of us trainees, while pulsing with excitement, confessed some anxiety.  But the same can be said about being a newcomer to a society or learning a new culture.  Whether you’re starting a job, meeting new people, or beginning to navigate another language, there is one quality that, teachers and students alike, have in common: we are always more nervous than we want to be.  Yet, we can always be braver than we expect.  This week, I found that having this common ground can dispel anxiety and inspire confidence.  For a student, this confidence may afford that crucial opportunity to converse with a potential employer instead of staying at home during the day.  It also allows us to build valuable relationships.

 We’re all in the same boat and we have much to gain from each other.  During the months ahead, I look forward to the opportunity to learn from our students.

-Matt Arnold, Americorps Instructor

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