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September 28, 2009 at 5:36 PM | Posted in Teaching, Training | Comments Off on Classroom Programs Teacher Training

Last Saturday, September 19, LCNV sponsored a fall teacher training workshop for new teachers and volunteers. Twenty-five participants attended the training, including our four new talented and charming AmeriCorps members! The training was required for new teachers and recommended for new class aides, and included participants from both the Learning Centers and Family Learning programs.

Adrienne Ward, an AmeriCorps alum from last year, generously volunteered to lead the entire training. Adrienne remarked, “I was so excited to see so many enthusiastic, motivated teachers at the fall teacher training! It was a privilege to come back and volunteer at LCNV after being an AmeriCorps member for a year.”

Although it must have been a sacrifice to give up a beautiful Saturday, the participants showed a wonderful enthusiasm for the training and seemed excited (although perhaps still a bit nervous) about getting in the classroom. Courtney Pergal, one of our new AmeriCorps members, said, “Adrienne did an amazing job! This training made me feel much more comfortable about what I’ll be doing the next few weeks”. Erin Andrews, another new AmeriCorps member, commented, “It was really helpful to have a former AmeriCorps member provide the training. There were a lot of practical ideas for class in Adrienne’s presentation”.

Many thanks to Adrienne and for all the participants for making it a successful day! We hope everyone enjoyed the experience and we look forward to seeing you all in the classroom!

Amy Moy, ESOL Learning Centers Specialist

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