Celebrating New Beginnings

January 4, 2010 at 4:13 PM | Posted in Advocacy, Announcements, Calendar, Community Partners, Development | Comments Off on Celebrating New Beginnings

We tend to start the New Year with renewed hope and ambition. In the middle of winter in the dark and cold dreary days we need to look forward to something new and exciting; an opportunity to shake things up and make changes. This might be a good time to think about volunteering for the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia. The Council offers a variety of volunteer opportunities that accommodate different skills, schedules and talents. Check out the Literacy Council web-site for an opportunity that might work for you: http://lcnv.org/volunteers/volunteerOpps.cfm

In the same spirit of hope and ambition, the Literacy Council wants to encourage those who need our educational support to come forward to learn. If you know of an adult who struggles with reading, or needs to learn English as a second language, please let them know of our programs and help them realize a new potential. Education opens the door for advancement and opportunity. The joy of reading is a gift to be shared.

Let this be a year when you strengthened your community by helping an adult learner make a choice for education, or through the service of teaching.

– Patti Donnelly, Executive Director


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