The Numbers Gal

January 25, 2010 at 9:00 AM | Posted in Development | 1 Comment

As Director of Operations, I am often sequestered in my office producing financial statements, writing checks and deposits, or drafting work papers for our auditors. In short, I am the “numbers gal”.

It is such a delightful experience for me to “change hats” and be able to help our students or prospective students, whether in person or on the phone. Several times, students seeking information about our programs have wandered into our office not knowing where to go. If I see them standing around looking puzzled, I ask how I can help them. Sometimes, they struggle for words in English. Sometimes, they’re accompanied by a friend or relative who can speak English fairly fluently. However, I always get the same reaction: they are grateful. They’re grateful to see a friendly face smiling at them. They’re grateful that a native speaker is taking the time and making the effort to understand them. They’re grateful to hear that registration is soon. Most of all, they’re grateful that we have programs that will help them to learn English.

They may not all speak the same language, but they have one thing in common. They see learning English as hope. Hope to become a more productive citizen; hope to help their children with schoolwork; hope to communicate with doctors, dentists, teachers; hope to get better jobs; hope to find a nice neighborhood to live in; hope to assimilate into our society.

I love my job at the Literacy Council. However, working with numbers can never give me the feeling of elation that I get from helping our students.

~Randi Littman, Director of Operations


1 Comment

  1. Randi-
    We’re so happy to have such compassionate and knowledgeable staff like you!


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