RAFA is this Saturday, March 20th!

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Check out the artists who are performing at this huge event!

Verizon’s See a Book Room

The Great Zucchini’s show is full of magic, comedy, and audience interaction.   The Great Zucchini has been performing his magic act for children all over Washington, including the White House, for 12 years.  He even teaches children their own magic trick that they can perform later for their friends.

Good Life Theater: A husband and wife team with over 30 years of experience teaching and entertaining children.  The duo will use puppets to present Going Buggy, a collection of insect tales from African, Mexican, and Native American cultures.

Cathy and Marcy: These talented musicians, who play over a dozen instruments apiece, will be hosting a sing-a-long for children.

Hear a Book Room

Glenna Ohlms: Miss Glenna’s interactive storytelling is sure to keep children engaged and participating.  Glenna’s programs are always interactive and often include songs, instruments from around the world, “scissor and string stories” and puppets, as well as traditional, original and multicultural tales.

Margaret Chatham: A top-notch story teller, Margaret Chatham brings to life many favorite stories so old that they may be new to many people.  Along with stories of Brer Rabbit or things that go “bump” in the night, her repertoire includes folk sing-along songs and stories told with Russian nesting dolls!

Become a Book Room

H-B Woodlawn Theatre Department: Made up of talented actors from grades 8-12, this group will lead an interactive show in which audience members jump in and play characters in well-known stories.  No memorization is required-the scripts are provided!

The Rainbow Entertainment Company Inter-Active Children’s Theatre: Children who wish to step out of the audience and onto the stage are encouraged to do so in a wide variety of fairy tales, folk tales, legends, and lore.  Once in costume, they find themselves contributing significantly to the production and gain a new perspective on the theatrical experience.

Read and Write a Book Room

In this creative, interactive space, families write their own stories and read books together, as well as enjoy time to relax and take a break.  As a gift to all families in attendance, all children will take one free book home with them!

Click a Book Room

The computer lab will become an interactive playroom where parents and children can explore two exciting children’s reading websites: Verizon’s Thinkfinity and WETA’s PBSKIDS.

Friends of LCNV

Children’s book authors will be present to read books, answer question, and even sign books for children.  Local authors planning on attending include Jacqueline Jules, Debbie Levy, Laura Melmed, Susan Stockdale, and Janet Stoeke.

~Erin Andrews, AmeriCorp Instructor


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