FLP Bids Farewell to Alice Barrow

March 22, 2010 at 3:00 PM | Posted in Family Learning, Teaching, Volunteers | Comments Off on FLP Bids Farewell to Alice Barrow

After two years of volunteering in LCNV’s Family Learning Program at Crestwood Elementary School, Alice Barrow will be starting a new adventure as she moves to North Carolina this spring. While this is an exciting time for Alice, and we are happy for this new stage in her life, it is with regret that we say goodbye to such a lovely and committed volunteer. Alice joined LCNV as a class aide for Elizabeth Magee’s beginning level class in 2008. From the start, Elizabeth and Alice had a great work dynamic, and Elizabeth was constantly grateful for having received a volunteer of Alice’s caliber. For the fall term of 2009, Karen Murphy, the level two teacher at the site decided to take a break from teaching with LCNV to pursue continuing education courses. While Karen was greatly missed (and we’re hoping she’ll rejoin the LCNV family in the future), we were thrilled that Alice stepped up and took on the role of level two volunteer teacher.

At her last class, on March 11, both groups gathered at the end of class to wish her well. It was clear that the students will miss her as they hugged and thanked her. Even though she is looking forward to her new home, it is evident that it has also been hard for her to say goodbye to her students and fellow teachers. The Crestwood FLP class, without a doubt, owes a strong thanks to good students, a great teacher and especially thanks to volunteers like Alice who dedicated hundreds of hours to the class over the last two years. Although Alice cannot be replaced, we know that Crestwood’s class will continue to be strong with Elizabeth’s leadership and with newer volunteer Eliza Diliberti’s involvement.

Good Luck Alice! We will miss you!

~ Carisa Pineda, Family Learning Specialist


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