Be counted – Fill out the Census Form!

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Today is April 1, 2010, the day our Census forms are due. I hope you remembered to fill yours out and mail it in. The Literacy Council has been working with its adult learners, particularly those who are new to this country and have limited English skills, to help them understand the importance of the Census as well as providing the educational support to complete the form.

April is also the month we recognize our Volunteers. The Literacy Council is proud to have a big family of talented, dedicated, diverse and generous volunteers serving with us. Most of the direct service of adult education at the Literacy Council is performed by trained volunteers, who spend hours in training, and then many more hours working with their learners. Teaching an adult to read, or to understand English is not easy; it requires patience, preparation, perseverance and often feels as though no progress is being made. Yet, progress is being made! Every new word taught and every sentence read is life-changing and incredibly rewarding – both to the volunteer teacher and the learner. Giving the gift of reading is giving a gift that lasts a life-time. So, to all those Literacy Council volunteer tutors and teachers, thank you for your work to help invest in the future of our adult learners and their families.

There are many other volunteers in LCNV’s family who do not teach, but who contribute to our mission in other ways. Board members, office assistants, gift-wrappers, special event workers, BEST testers, workshops registrars, all of these talented people support our work and our community. The Literacy Council of Northern Virginia had over 1,400 active volunteers during the 2009 fiscal year. How could we do it without you?! We applaud you and thank you, not only during April, but every day during the year.

~Patti Donnelly, Executive Director


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