National Conference on Family Literacy

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From March 11th-13th, I will be attended the National Conference on Family Literacy in San Antonio, Texas.  Each year the National Center for Family Literacy (the leading national family literacy organization) hosts the conference (most recently held in Orlando, FL and Louisville, KY- where the organization is headquartered).  The conference is a great gathering and exchange of professionals providing literacy services to families across the country.  It’s a great resource for ideas, materials and best practices in the field.  This was my fifth time attending this conference; my first time was seven years ago while working for another organization.

Since I’ve worked with the Literacy Council, the content of the conference is even more relevant and valuable; each year the conference offers something new with workshops ranging from ideas on low-cost parent and child activities to what research says about the benefits of family literacy.  At the 2008 conference, Erin Finn and I presented on student retention to an enthusiastic crowd of 100 people.  The hardest part about attending the conference is deciding which session to attend when there are many quality sessions occurring at the same time.  I was overwhelmed by the number of interesting topics at this year’s conference; I will inevitably need to come up with a ranking system.  In addition to great topics, this year, I was looking forward to inspirational speakers such as Michael Oher and Collins Tuohy, members of the real-life family that inspired the Blind Side.  While I was at the conference I took tons of interesting notes for future blogs, so expect to hear more soon!

~Carisa Pineda, Family Learning Specialist


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