Healthcare Reform: How will it affect our students?

April 26, 2010 at 9:00 AM | Posted in AmeriCorps, News | Comments Off on Healthcare Reform: How will it affect our students?

In March, my head was spinning from all the healthcare talk. Everyone had something to say. Unfortunately, the dialogue was more focused on what the bill lacked or how it erred, than on effects that the policy might have on people. One aspect of the debate that I thought was particularly difficult to find information on was how it would affect the immigrant population. I recently read this Washington Post blog by Suzy Khimm, that brought an interesting perspective on some possible effects the bill could have on many of our students.  I thought that it answered several important questions I had about the new healthcare policy.

This was a helpful article that took an interesting stance on an important topic.  Check out the post and see what you think.

~Minta Trivette, AmeriCorps Instructor


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