Teaching- A Lesson in Flexibility

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Sometimes, we get set in our ways and we feel so confident in our routine, it’s hard to see the possibility of success any other way; Wednesday, April 28th was one of those days where you have to roll with the punches. That Wednesday, the Classroom Program held a Teacher Training for the 2010 Spring session. Many thanks to the many volunteers who signed up and were able to attend! After much planning in the previous days, instead of holding it as a day long Saturday training, we had worked with our volunteer classroom trainer, Adrienne Ward (2008-2009 AmeriCorps), and everything seemed ready for the abbreviated weeknight training. We had supplies and copies, pizza was ordered, and I was ready to set-up the classroom. Unfortunately, Wednesday morning came and we had a reluctant message from Adrienne, she was too under the weather to lead the training. Adrienne, a total workhorse, stubborn to a hilt, was laid out by the hellacious allergy season.

Though Adrienne doesn’t work at the Council anymore, we had organized all the presentation materials through emails and few brief meetings, so everything else was ready, we just needed a trainer. Who could bring the energy and love of the classroom that Adrienne has? Erin Finn, our Classroom Director, stepped up to the plate and led what appeared to be a seamless transition. (We always joke about spinning so many plates it’s crazy!) Crisis averted she spent the day reviewing and tweaking the presentation and Asmait Tewelde (also 2008-2009 AmeriCorps) volunteered to help her throughout the training. The volunteers left engaged, excited for their classroom assignments. The evaluations revealed that the abbreviated format of our training might be a good method to continue to use during both winter and spring sessions when we train less volunteers. The whole training was a total success and a great demonstration of our dynamic staff and volunteers.

Classroom volunteers, we’d love to hear back about how your classes are going and how the training affected your preparedness for class. Please comment ,or if you’d like to write a whole blog, email a piece to lcnvblog@gmail.com.

~ Katie Beckman, Program Assistant


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