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My, oh, my. It has been a very busy past couple of months in the Volunteers Department (which is a department of one – MOI!). By the numbers:

39 people signed up for the ESOL tutor trainings that started in August (out of a possible 40 spots). 35 showed up on the first day. Out of those people, 31 attended the required 2 out of 3 sessions, meaning that there are that many new potential matches in the ESOL tutoring program. That’s a great number!

28 people signed up for the Basic Literacy trainings that started earlier in September (out of a possible 30 spots). 23 showed up on the first day. The second day of the training is this Saturday, so it is still too early to determine how many new potential matches there will be in the Basic Literacy tutoring program. But my hopes are high – crossing my fingers for a perfect 23 matches!

11 people signed up for the Student Assessment Specialist training on September 11th10 people made it to and completed the training. I know several new volunteers have already started testing in full force during our busy registrations, and we are so grateful!

And last but not least – so far, we have recruited and placed 17 new people in the Learning Centers and Family Learning classroom programs. The same number of people were able to attend the one-day classroom training on Saturday, September 18th. It’s always fun to see the new blood in the classroom programs!

Many people sign up to volunteer in the fall because it is a time for fresh starts – the lazy days of summer are over, and for most, it is a wonderful time to pursue something new. The momentum is obviously there – let’s keep it going! There are new tutor trainings in October and November. Sign up today! Please e-mail me at volunteers@lcnv.org if you’re interested in hearing more.

-Belle Peñaranda, Director of Volunteers


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