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My most recent (and first) blog post addressed the rewards and challenges of working remotely for the Literacy Council, which I’ve been doing since late 2007.  Reading that post again, I realize that my interaction with my coworkers has changed since writing it.  For the past several months we’ve been teleconferencing, using Skype, for our meetings.  I sit in front of my computer, which has a built-in webcam, in San Francisco, while others in Falls Church sit in front of a similarly equipped computer.  They hear and see me, while I hear and see them.  Before using Skype, we conducted meetings over conference calls.  Now, teleconferencing has brought video into the mix.  It might seem a small difference, but it really adds a sense of being connected.  They can see the paintings hanging on the wall behind me, the red couch below it, and the sunlight (when it isn’t foggy) shining through the window to my left; and I get treated to a glimpse of what it’s like to back in the office.  When another coworker walks through the webcam’s line of sight, I often blurt out “Hey there,” hoping to indulge in a few moments of small talk.  It’s a nice little treat, and it bolsters my enthusiasm for what I do.

But for me, nothing can beat actually being there, so next month (in October), I’ll be flying out to Virginia to spend two or three days back in the Falls Church office.  Strange as it may seem, I’ve never met my new boss, our Senior Director of Development, Suzie Eaton, though I interact with her nearly every day via IM and emails, or our new Development Assistant, Stacy Nall.  Plus we’ve just welcomed a new cohort of AmeriCorps members to the staff, so I’ll be able to meet them, too.  Working remotely has been good for both me and the Literacy Council, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in person again to remind me of what a great organization this is and how lucky I am still to be working for it.

Matt Kollmeyer, Grants and Publications Specialist



  1. We’re all looking forward to seeing you (and meeting you in person)! Safe travels, Matt!


  2. Can’t wait to see you!!!


  3. […] leave. No one was away for a class, training or meeting. And most special of all, Matt was in from California! We really noticed it when we looked around the room in our staff meeting. It was really just […]


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