Happy Thanksgiving

November 23, 2010 at 3:26 PM | Posted in AmeriCorps, Class, Teaching | Comments Off on Happy Thanksgiving

My fellow AmeriCorps members and I have been looking forward to Thanksgiving for a number of reasons. Thanksgiving means feasting, vacationing, seeing family, and, of course, Thanksgiving lesson planning! This week we get to share with our classes all the fabulous Thanksgiving traditions such as family, giving thanks, and most importantly, food. We have collectively bought twelve pumpkin pies for our students, and probably have each eaten the equivalent of an entire pie. Tellingly, this is the second blog post in a row featuring pie. We like our desserts at the Literacy Council!

Although some of the students do not celebrate Thanksgiving, everyone was happy to talk about their families, their own traditions, and their favorite foods. After all, who can resist pie?

Have a great Thanksgiving!

-Kerrin Epstein, Lead Teacher and AmeriCorps Member

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