Reflections on 2010

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It’s hard to believe that the fall session has already come and gone!  AmeriCorps members have spent many long but incredibly gratifying hours these past several months teaching, lesson planning, and data-entering here at LCNV.  Shortly after our classes commenced for the holiday break and we finished entering in the last bits and pieces of data needed to fulfill various requirements for state uploads and fiscal year binders, we headed off to our respective parts of the country and beyond to spend the holidays with family and friends.

This was the first time I’d been back to Chicago since I moved to Virginia in August.  I’m used to living away from home- for varying periods of time since high school I’ve lived in Michigan, Minnesota, and even Greece- but I love coming home!

Since I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving, everywhere I went I was met with a barrage of inquiry into what I was doing out here, and I realized that in all of the busyness of the session, I hadn’t had the opportunity to reflect on my experience thus far.

While the meaning of my time here at LCNV is hard to put into a few short sentences, I can easily say that it has had and will surely continue to have an important impact on my worldview.  When I tried to explain what I was doing to family and friends the simple “teaching adult ESOL classes” didn’t seem to encompass all that I’ve learned from interacting in the small non-profit community of LCNV; it didn’t say anything about all that my students have taught me about valiance through the twists and turns of life, and it didn’t express the ways I’ve grown as an individual during my first foray into adulthood outside of the shelter of college.

Having two weeks at home was great, but it’s so good to be back; bring on the winter session!

-Alicia Nieves, Lead Teacher and AmeriCorps Member


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