New Strategies for the Winter Session

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Here at the Literacy Council we are getting ready to start our new session of classes in a few weeks. Seeing some of our students return and meeting new students are some of the most satisfying and exciting parts of starting a new session. It is hard to believe that the fall session has come and gone. I personally learned a lot about teaching, and I will do things a little differently for this upcoming session. I teach two level one classes, and I will try to practice more dialogues with them. Not only will I do more dialogues with my students, but I will also try to slow the pace of my classes. There were certain units which I could have, and probably I should have, spent more time explaining to my students. Of course, the one thing that we teachers always want is more time with our students so maybe this is why I feel that there were certain units I could have done more with. What are you going to do differently this session?

I hope that this winter session we have few interruptions and that we maintain or increase the number of students we had in the fall. It would be great to see a good number of students come back so they can continue to progress. It has been a long break and so those students that do come back are going to need a good review. At the same time, we need to look for some good ice breakers to make the new students feel comfortable in our classrooms. If you have good ice breaker ideas, feel free to share!

-Jose Flores, Lead Teacher and AmeriCorps Member

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