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Like our student services, we’re always trying to improve our volunteer’s experiences, too.   I work to help develop our LCNV trainings for office volunteers, tutors and teachers with the help of our volunteer trainers, program directors and specialists.  I work closest with the BAL training team and pilot most our new ideas with them first.   Over the past few months, we’ve been talking about improvements we’d like to make.

With the help of our new BAL specialist, Molly and a new trainer joining our team, we recently met for lunch and had a really productive and motivating brainstorming session.  We do have a really great training program with a tremendous volunteer staff supporting it (+75 years experience among them), but we always want to make it as good as it can be.  We’re currently working to blend the strengths of our current methods with new content andonline resources.  In the end we’re hoping to promote more engaged, savvy, socially-connected volunteer tutors.

We had a lot of ideas about how to rearrange our training and use online materials other organizations have created to help save us the effort.  Using trainings like Thinkfinity, VALRC, or others may not be tailored exactly to our students but they can lay the groundwork for understanding what and why we teach our students the way we do. I’m so excited about all the opportunities this will allow us to pursue.  With more online, volunteers can reference back to material they need more easily and continue dialogging with their colleagues after training are out of session using  message boards.  We’re hoping to even work to integrate a new mentoring or shadowing program for apprehensive novice tutors!  I hope you’ll share your ideas and if you are a BAL tutor interested in joining the training team, please feel free to email me or call 703-237-0866 x103.

Katie Beckman, Program Assistant

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