The Importance of Childcare in Family Learning Programs

February 28, 2011 at 4:16 PM | Posted in Class, Family Learning, Student Stories, Teaching, Testing, Volunteers | Comments Off on The Importance of Childcare in Family Learning Programs

The other day I was testing a student at Higher Horizons asking her the usual scripted questions which she was able to answer with the relative ease of an intermediate student.  After the test was finished, although she knew I spoke Spanish, we proceeded to have a conversation in English.  She took great care in composing her sentences as she thanked me for taking the time to test her for the class.  She has two young children and had stopped by at the Higher Horizons Head Start center to see about enrolling her son in the Head Start program.  While she was there she saw a flyer for the Family Learning classes we offer there, picked it up, read it and said, “This is for me.  I am a parent and I need English classes with childcare for my children.”  Her situation is a reminder of the importance of the children’s room component  of our Family Learning Program.  For some of our parents, such our Family Learning classes are the only opportunity they have to study English.

-Carisa Pineda, Family Learning Specialist

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