Area Dance Companies to Perform at Reading: A Family Affair

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For thousands of years, dance has been central to the ceremonies and celebrations of diverse cultures. There are even images of dance on 9,000 year old rock paintings in India! From these ancient Indian dance forms to 21st century hip hop, dancers have used costumes and movement to share the stories of their culture.

March 19th’s Reading: A Family Affair is the first year of the event in which dancers will join vocalists, authors, actors, and puppeteers in bringing stories to life. Recognizing that storytelling extends beyond the written word, the Literacy Council has invited two area dance troupes to perform at Reading: A Family Affair: Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama and the Kalavaridhi Dance School.

Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama, a Bolivian folklore group, was founded in Washington DC in January 2000 and displays colorful Bolivian authentic attire, enthusiastic dancers, exciting music, and a contagious atmosphere. The company has performed many times at the James Lee Community Center, and we are so excited that they have agreed to join our event as well. The performance of Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama at 11:30 am will be followed by the 12:15 pm performance of the Kalavaridhi Dance School. Advanced students from the school will showcase the     storytelling power of dance through the Indian classical dance form Bharatanatyam.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama and the Kalavaridhi Dance School to Reading: A Family Affair on March 19th!

-Stacy Nall, Development Specialist


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