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This week, I returned from a vacation to Nashville, TN where I joined LCNV’s 2007-08 AmeriCorps Alumni for our friend, Karen’s wedding.  It was a blast; there’s nothing better than a reunion with some of my favorite people on the planet.  Karen was part of our AmeriCorps team the first year we expanded to four members and it was an amazing time to be a teacher.  Traversing the county to teach, toiling over data entry and in the most epic staff meetings, we got to know each other and really make a difference in our service delivery.  Some of you may have worked with her as a volunteer at Sherwood Hall Library or Crestwood Elementary before she moved to Nashville and to start law school at Vanderbilt University.


Karen, Chuck, Jenn, Nick, and I had a great time teaching together and starting many of the projects that have helped reshape the classroom program and our own life trajectories.  Karen is a beautiful blend of incredible intellectual capacity and compassion.  When you have a conversation with her, you can see how quickly her brain is working and you can hear the locks clicking open.  Karen is dynamic, challenging and energetic; and just as good, her husband, Brad, is completely her equal and brings out the very best in her.


After our year teaching together, roadtrips, and many phone calls catching up and contemplating life decisions, I look back at the friends I have from my AmeriCorps year and feel so lucky for the opportunities we’ve shared.  As we’ve initiated new members in the years since, I see so many of us going on to incredible positions, engaging and helping the community.  I hope with all the federal budget cuts around, we can still offer opportunities for smart young adults to provide great service and reach their potential.

Katie Beckman, Program Assistant


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