Teaching Level 1

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One of the hardest things to do is teach those students that have little or no English. The challenges are many. You want these students to have a good start and to have the confidence necessary to continue learning. The following are examples of activities I have been doing in my two level one classes. First of all, I think it helps to have a “routine,” so the students know what to expect. I start my classes with “discussion questions” such as, “how is the weather outside?” and “what did you do this weekend?” I find that these two questions get the students to say something. Secondly, I go over the homework. This is really a great way to review what was discussed during the previous class. I always choose students to go over homework randomly.  This is a great way to check if there are any areas that really need to be reinforced. Third, I try to have different types of activities for a new lesson. If at all possible, I include one activity with a partner, one activity that gets the students off their seats, and one class activity. Finally, I spend the last 10 minutes of class going over what the students will need to do for homework. If the homework is from the workbook, we do a number of problems from each section. What do you do differently? 

-José Flores, Lead Teacher and AmeriCorps Member


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