Family Learning Success Story

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I was recently asked by Elizabeth Magee the lead teacher at Crestwood Family Learning class to come and test a student because her due date was approaching quickly.   The intent of the test (normally given at the end of the semester) was to give a sense of closure to the student, the teachers, and also tie things up administratively.  I arrived at class shortly after the school nurse had concluded a presentation to the class; a few students were still having their blood pressure checked by the nurse.  I sat down with Conchi to test her and we chatted; her due date is March 30 and she is expecting another girl.  As we went through the questions of the oral test, she answered some questions quite well and like many intermediate students, struggled with others.  As a test administrator you are expected to remain objective, but when we reached a question about how parents can help their children in school, I had a hard time keeping myself from beaming when she answered, “We can read to them and write.”  Although the test measures the way students produce and construct the spoken English language and there aren’t “right” or “wrong” answers in terms of content, as a family literacy professional this answer was the gold standard.  Even though the content of Conchi’s answer won’t necessarily be reflected when her scores are imputed and calculated by the software we use, it is through this interaction with her that I know that the Family Learning program is succeeding and going beyond pure language acquisition and is teaching concepts that influence an entire family: her two year old daughter and her daughter on the way.  

-Carisa Pineda, Family Learning Specialist


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