Catastrophe Averted!

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As I was setting up for my classes at the Lincolnia Senior Center, one of my teachers asked me if we were still having class next week.  Since there were no holidays coming up or snow storms predicted, I immediately felt slightly alarmed. Apparently, I had missed the sign on the front door that said the Senior Center was re-paving its parking lot all the following week.

We only had a week before graduation, so we needed to hold class. After brainstorming with several of my co-workers, we decided to move the class to Mark Center Club, a nearby community center. I was anticipating confusion when I announced the change in class location on Thursday, but the students seemed to understand easily. As I repeated the directions for the fifth time, one student gave me a look and said, “It’s ok teacher, we’ll just put it in the computer.”

Despite the students’ apparent understanding, I was a little nervous. A lot of students walk, the directions might have been unclear, everyone had paid for this class and now they were missing two days, it was right before graduation, what if people didn’t know to go the graduation next week etc. But when I got to Mark Center Club there were already two students there. Over the next two hours, the students slowly trickled in. By the end of the class, almost everyone was in attendance.  

Moral of the story: Our students are amazing! They are so determined to learn, they will literally go an extra mile (or two miles), take a new bus, or find a ride just to make sure they don’t miss even one English class. This is why I love my job!

-Kerrin Epstein, Lead Teacher and AmeriCorps Member

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  1. Love it, Kerrin.


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