An Exciting Transition

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As Learning Centers started to bring its spring term to a close and Family Learning classes went on a Spring Break, I was getting ready for a new transition in my life. Last week I started my new job at the office as an ESOL Learning Centers Specialist, resigning from my lead teacher position with the Council.

 For me, it has always been hard to say “goodbye” to students at the end of sessions. But generally you know you will be there next time teaching again. This one was the hardest of all: I knew I wouldn’t be teaching four nights a week anymore. As we said our goodbyes, I asked my students to continue taking classes and practicing their English daily, and I promised to do my best to help developing programs that address and meet our students’ needs. I also knew that I will never forget what my students have taught me over these years.  

 As I spent my first week learning about my new job, I had great time among very enthusiastic, energetic and dedicated group of people working together to develop and support best educational programs to serve thousands of adults in the area. I have been very excited and proud to join the staff here at the Council. 

 -Serife Turkol, ESOL Learning Centers Specialist

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