FLP: Looking Back and Looking Forward

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This FLP academic year was full of changes for me.  Change, even when it’s positive, can be very stressful and I’d like to take this time to reflect on this past year and thank all of you who have been involved in the Family Learning Program.  In July of last year I embarked on the adventure of parenthood.  I left work on a Thursday afternoon, thinking my task list for Monday.  Monday arrived and instead of tackling work tasks, I delivered a baby boy, Alexander.  I didn’t return to the LCNV office until mid-October and during my maternity leave whatever was on my task list and other work-related items were long-forgotten.  I returned to work having missed the intense back-to-school frenzy that I’d grown so accustomed to experiencing: a new group of AmeriCorps members arrived and were trained and FLP registrations happened.  I can say with certainty that the Family Learning Program was different for me this year which meant it was probably different for others too.  In addition to missing the beginning of our FLP “school year” I spent the remainder adapting and adjusting.  Although I believe (at least I hope) that I provided appropriate support  to the parents we serve prior to becoming one, now that I am a parent I can relate even more.  Now that I have done my fair share settling back in, I hope this coming school year will be dedicated to program improvement and I am very much looking forward to it.

Thank you to everyone that supported me and the program this part year:  Minta Trivette, for filling in for me during my maternity leave and doing such an amazing job; Erin Finn, for working closely with and guiding Minta; the lead FLP teachers, for their exceptional teaching and their flexibility (Elizabeth Magee, Serife Turkol, Sanem Cardin, Sheila Weiss); the children’s teachers (Beverly, Virginia, Nancy at Crestwood, Mirna, Nancy at Woodlawn, Josephine, Ysabel, and Shahida); the FLP volunteers, for their time and talent (Jessica, Marla, Jeff, Fred, Veronica, Judy, Vicki, Stephen, Maria, Kristen, Samantha, Judy, Amy) and a very special thank you to this year’s AmeriCorps members (Alicia, Jose, Kerrin and Sara) who all taught FLP classes, managed paperwork, participated in projects and did so in such a professional way.  And thank you to anyone else who I may have left out.

-Carisa Pineda, Family Learning Specialist



1 Comment

  1. Looking back for those who supported the activity and looking forward for the contentious support 🙂 very successful until next time


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