First Week at the Literacy Council

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As the end of my first week and the start of another here at the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia , I am excitedly anticipating the weeks and months to come. This has been a great intro week mainly because the organization staff are the nicest and friendliest of people. I have been quite mortified by the idea of running my own classroom but their encouragement and support now has me feeling like with this staff behind me I could accomplish anything!  Adult Literacy has always been an issue close to my own heart as  I come from a family where English is not the first language. I only wish that I knew about the literacy council before, so that I could refer my own loved ones. But now I hope to change the game for others like some members of my family. Thank you guys for letting me be a part of the team!

– Setara Habib, AmeriCorps Member

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