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The VALRC sponsors many classes for ESOL Teachers.  I have taken several, some in person and some online.  The most recent one was an online class called:  “Beyond Basics:  Multilevel”, and it didn’t disappoint.  In fact, it may be been the best one yet!  We learned a lot about needs assessments and had to do a project with our class implimenting one of these.  We learned several different ways to form groups within the class.  We also learned what to put into a resource box for the class’s use.  The box is a kind of library of books, worksheets, old lessons, games, etc. for the students to take home or use in class.  Many of the best ideas from the class came from classmates.

By far the most useful tool from the class was a terrific Lesson Plan template for use with my multilevel class.  It was adapted by VALRC from the REEP Lesson Plan.  I have used this planning tool for every class since, and I have tweaked it a little.  Since I have an assistant teacher now, we’ve been splitting the class in two, so it makes planning even more important.  When do we split up?  What do we do altogether?  What do we do in each group?  What will each group do for homework?  It keeps me focused on what we’re studying and why, and it gives instructions to the other teacher as well.  I hope you find it useful.

~Sheila Weiss, Lead Teacher at Woodlawn Elementary

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