Marla Diamond: The Rewards of Volunteering with LCNV

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LCNV has as many success stories from volunteers as we do from learners. Marla Diamond is a LCNV Volunteer Tutor who wanted to share her experiences with you:

Since the Spring of 2009, I have been tutoring two Korean adults (a couple, although I tutor them individually). Prior to this, I had no understanding of the sacrifices immigrants make to be in the United States. Tutoring has been a humbling, yet exhilarating and rewarding experience. I have learned so much about life in Korea – the food (and I’ve been the beneficiary of many samples!), housing, holidays, travel, families. It’s so satisfying when I notice progress in any aspect of our studies. I feel so proud of my students. And yet, I ache knowing how hard their struggle is, in large part because they’re not yet fluent. I am humbled by the dedication they bring to learning, especially considering the other pressures they cope with daily: raising two children who are now both teenagers involved in many extra-curricular activities; working or trying to find work; maintaining a sense of home by preparing traditional Korean foods; volunteering through their church to help the homeless; and keeping in touch with family in Korea. It’s almost incomprehensible to me that they not only do all of this, but they feel privileged to be here. They help me keep my life in perspective. It’s so hard for me to capture how I feel about tutoring. It’s one of the best things I have ever done. I am grateful to LCNV for the opportunity to tutor and for the excellent support I have received.

During this time of holiday giving, please continue to support the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia by making a donation or becoming a  volunteer.  By supporting LCNV you can give the gift of literacy and change an adult’s life.

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