Making Mistakes: An Integral Part of Learning

December 5, 2011 at 3:08 PM | Posted in AmeriCorps, Announcements, Class, Development, ESOL, Family Learning, Teaching, Tutoring, Volunteers | 1 Comment
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We all make mistakes.  It’s an unavoidable fact of life and language learning. The important thing is to push past those mistakes – learn from them and enjoy them.  Looking back at my first semester of teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), I’ve certainly made mistakes but I’m a better teacher because of them.

Raymond Chow, AmeriCorps Instructor

I’ve made quite a few spelling mistakes. My favorite spelling errors include accross and umberella.   I am so proud of my students when they don’t let my misspellings stay up on the board.  I haven’t found a more effective way to get my students involved in their learning process than getting them to correct me.

As a teacher, I feel it’s important to show my knowledge is fallible, that I am still learning.  Language learning is an ongoing process.  Except perhaps E.B. White, we all make mistakes and we keep growing from them.

Raymond Chow
AmeriCorps Instructor
Literacy Council of Northern Virginia
2855 Annandale Road
Falls Church, Va 22042
(703)237-0866 ext 112


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  1. So true Raymond! One of my biggest mistakes was when my students would ask me a question and I didn’t know the answer, I would fumble around until I could think of something. I learned the best thing to do is let the student know, “I am not sure, I will get back to you next class with the answer”. That’s a lot better than just guessing, or making something up. Thanks for your words!


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