Digital Literacy: Beyond the Printed Page

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Check out Gavin Dudeney’s  “No Place in Class for Digital Illiterates,” which appeared in The Guardian.  Dudeney highlights a new aspect of literacy,  which is beyond the “three Rs of reading, writing, and arithmetic”: digital literacy.

The Literacy Council of Northern Virginia knows that education includes technology. In 2011, LCNV offered Open Computer Instruc­tion workshops , thanks to the help of a volunteer corps from IBM’s Asian Diversity Networking group, spearheaded by LCNV tutor, Elliot Zhang. The sessions were filled to capacity and learners worked on beginning-level operational skills, email, Skype, and navigating the Internet. Setara Habib, an AmeriCorps Instructor stated: “I am proud to say that my mom is a citizen of the internet. We set her up with an email and Skype account. I saw that other students were joining Facebook and looking for relatives while others were watching YouTube videos and learning about searches. It was a great experience!”

Adapting to the ever–changing and tech-connected world, LCNV hopes to continue to help our learners build their “digital literacy skill set.” Take a moment to read all about digital literacy and its role in students’ lives: “No Place in Class for Digital Illiterates.”

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