Huzzah to a Great Semester and Another One to Come!

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It is not only difficult to fathom that my first semester of teaching ESOL to adults has come and gone, but another semester soon approaches. I am anxious to meet all of my new students and excited to see many familiar faces.  Last semester was my first go at teaching and I was learning on my feet. Now, I have some time to really think about how I can begin to grow and be the best teacher for my students.

As a part of the AmeriCorps learning experience, I was recorded while teaching last semester. Watching this footage has been beneficial to me and already I’m finding areas of weakness that I can improve upon. I also learned that the only thing more unnerving than having someone watch and evaluate your teaching is watching yourself in front of the classroom, but that is besides the point. I find that instead of asking myself “How am I going to teach this class,” I am now asking “How can I be a better teacher?” I will begin my second semester adventure by developing more clear classroom objectives, searching for better classroom resources, and introducing  a new tool that will assess learning and monitor my students’ progress. I think it’s of the utmost importance that we really work on reaching students’ needs and goals, and that will be my focus henceforth!

Huzzah, to a great semester and another one to come!

Setara Habib
Americorps Instructor
Literacy Council of Northern Virginia
2855 Annandale Road
Falls Church, Va 22042
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1 Comment

  1. What a great post Setara! Being reflective about your teaching is certainly a key ingredient for success as a teacher and striving to be student-centered will lead to success for your students. You’ve summed some important elements of growing as a new teacher very nicely.


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