National Women’s History Month

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ImageMarch is National Women’s History month. This year’s theme is “Women Inspiring Innovation through Imagination.” When thinking of important historical women, especially those that have created innovation through their work, I think of Mildred Allen Ries.  In 1962, The Literacy Council of Northern Virginia was founded by a strong, independent woman, Mildred “Mid” Allen Ries, who identified a need in the community. She found that up to 5,000 adults were illiterate in the Alexandria, Virginia area.  Through innovation and hard work, Ries recruited volunteers to begin tutoring adults and spreading literacy education across the Northern Virginia area. Her commitment to adult learners molded the Literacy Council into a booming organization and her values are still instilled in its mission to this day.

Mildred Allen Ries’s mission to end illiteracy is still continuing in the Northern Virginia area after 50 years.  Through the Literacy Council’s classes and tutoring sessions, over 700 volunteer teachers and tutors each year are spreading education and inspiring their students to learn the English language and improve their basic literacy skills. Thanks to Mildred Allen Ries’s innovation, LCNV is able to give students the opportunity to learn from each other and live as confident and independent members in the community. 

Katie Trizna, AmeriCorps Instructor
Literacy Council of Northern Virginia
2855 Annandale Rd., Falls Church, VA 22042


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