Sunmi: “I Don’t Give Up”

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Rachel and her students practice English after class over coffee

Our students are amazing, dedicated workers who are passionate about their studies and the new opportunities that open up to them through learning English. I learn as much from my students as they learn from me. This is something you often hear teachers say, but in our classrooms it has never felt more true. Our students are from all over the world (85 different countries!) and they share their language, their food, and their culture with us every day. I feel inspired by their experiences and love learning more about their personal journeys.

Below is a short essay written by Sunmi, a student in our ESOL classroom program. Sunmi writes about learning English, her struggles with the language, and why it is important for her to keep trying.

English starts is difficult, but I am living in United States because I have to do study English. I would like to share the talk with the other people, but the English study doesn’t easy. I do the studying English every day. However I forget studied one every day. If the other people talk to me by English, a fear gets through me. While however I took to the English class. It was much comfortable with a teacher. A teacher understands my body language. It is so nice of teacher to understand me. So, I start the studying English again. I am yet bad but I would like to do English well on the next time. I don’t give up and makes the next English class.  Maybe I’m greater student will become to the next. 

Sunmi, you already are a great student and I love having you in my class! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Rachel Conn Martin, AmeriCorps Instructor
Literacy Council of Northern Virginia
2855 Annandale Rd., Falls Church, VA 22042

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