LCNV Appreciates the Service of its AmeriCorps Teachers

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Falls Church City Council just declared Nov. 27, Volunteer Appreciation Day in Falls Church, VA.  In the spirit of that declaration, LCNV would like to share a speech that LCNV AmeriCorps teacher Xavier Muñoz was recently selected to give at the 20th Anniversary AmeriCorps Launch.:

“Good afternoon. It’s my privilege to address you in this the 20-year anniversary of the CNCS. My name is Xavier Muñoz. I’m a second-year AmeriCorps member with the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia. I teach family literacy and beginning-level English classes to adult immigrants.

Three years ago, I had just stumbled my way through graduation – not literally, thankfully. But I was left with the question of what to do next. What should I pursue? This, because of the job prospects? That, because of the resume building? In college, all I did was study for myself. It was about grades and finishing. I understood the value of giving back, but volunteering wasn’t something for me.

AmeriCorps service has changed that. When I go into the classroom, it’s the connection with my students that energizes me. It’s the ability to use English language instruction to empower them that now motivates me to improve myself. Service has given purpose and direction to my future.

I had the privilege to share my story at the task force event with Deputy Chiefs of Staff, the Associate Attorney General, the Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, and others. They have gathered together to expand opportunities, like AmeriCorps, for more Americans to participate in national service. We, too, can do our part to raise the visibility and reputation of AmeriCorps. When my fellow members and I go to our service sites, we’re the face of our organization. But we’re also the face and voice of AmeriCorps. All of us here assembled are the face and voice of AmeriCorps.

So I would like to leave you with this. As you go through your AmeriCorps year, think about what brought you to serve. Think about how your interests and aspirations develop. Hold on to that. Hold on to those thoughts. Because it’s pieces like that that make up our most compelling stories.”

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