New Year Brings New Changes to LCNV

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Elise Bruml

The beginning of the New Year will bring some changes to the Literacy Council.  Our long-time colleague, Elise Bruml will be retiring from the staff after 10 years of service as the Tutoring Program Director and ESOL Tutoring Specialist.  She served as a volunteer tutor and placement advisor for at least five years before joining the staff.  It is impossible to measure the professionalism, expertise, and program development Elise contributed to the Council over those 15 years.  I know that many volunteers, learners, Board members and community members share my deep appreciation of Elise for all that she has done for our community.   Like all dear friends who chose to take a new path, Elise will not be leaving entirely.  No one ever leaves the Literacy Council family.  Elise will maintain her commitment to ESOL learners by serving as an ESOL placement advisor, and will continue to share her academic expertise by serving on task forces and committees.

The Literacy Council Board and staff also approved the next three-year strategic plan in November, in which we will bring considerable changes to the Literacy Council over the next few years.   Board and staff have identified capacity building and financial stability as two organizational priorities which will be realized through increased communication and outreach, program re-design and re-structuring, and exploring new business partnerships and opportunities.  With a hopeful expectation for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, the Literacy Council wants to be prepared to meet the educational needs of the likely growth in capacity that may result from many adults eager to jump on the path to citizenship.  We look forward to an exciting year of research, restructure, and program re-design, leading LCNV on a path to serve our learners more efficiently and effectively.

Patricia M. Donnelly, Executive Director
Literacy Council of Northern Virginia
2855 Annandale Road
Falls Church, VA 22042


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