Celebrate: National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week 2014

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It is fitting that many of LCNV’s ESOL and Family Learning classes will be having their first day of class during National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week (September 22-28, 2014).  The number of tasks required in our department to register students and get ready for the first week of classes can sometimes seem insurmountable, but seeing the adults and families take steps in an academic journey makes the effort meaningful.  I recently tested a woman at a registration who returned to our ESOL classes with a renewed sense of purpose having suffered a massive stroke this past May.  She has two young children at home and feared the worst during her injury.  Despite facing many challenges and at such an early phase of her recovery, she decided to register for classes this semester.  She sees her survival as an opportunity to refocus on her education and herself.  During National Adult Education and Family Literacy week there may be a lot of discussion about the low literacy skills of the population served by adult education programs, but after a decade in this field I find I am moved by the skills and potential our students bring with them when they come to class.  As adult educators we must recognize these strengths and support the students as they work on new skills.

Carisa C. Pineda, Family Learning Specialist
Literacy Council of Northern Virginia
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