LCNV Spring 2015 Adult English Class Registration Starts Jan. 14

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Student registration for #LCNV Adult English classes starts Jan. 14 and runs through Jan. 22. Please direct anyone who needs to register for class to our updated Spring 2015 class schedule.

The Literacy Council offers two types of classes for adults who want to learn English: ESOL Learning Centers (ESOLC) and the Family Learning Program (FLP).

  • ESOL Learning Centers offer ESOL classes three times a year to students who want to improve their English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Classes teach adults about American culture and life (workplace and finance, health and nutrition, civics and community, etc.).
  • The Family Learning Program provides ESOL classes for parents or caregivers, while their children participate in reading and writing activities, and receive homework help. At least twice a month, the children join the adult class for PACT (Parent and Child Together Time) activities. The class also encourages reading as a family through workshops, book give-a-ways, and fieldtrips.

LCNV also offers a conversation class at the James Lee Community Center. The conversation class is free and provides an opportunity for students to practice their English speaking and listening skills.

Please contact the Literacy Council at (703) 237-0866 for more information.

Classes are in the Fall, Spring, and Summer.

  • You must register prior to class.
  • During registration, students pay a $60 registration fee and take an oral placement exam.
  • Partial and full Scholarships are available.
  • You can go to any registration site to sign up for any class.

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