First Day of Class

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Students in our Family Learning Program at Crestwood on the first day of class. Wishing our learners and instructors a successful semester!


Mo Kam’s Story: “My knowledge became wider, and I became more generous”

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My dream for my future is to speak English fluently, to read a lot of books, and to take some special classes such as computer or sewing. They will affect my decisions for the future.

In the past, I learned English to help myself to live with my family in the USA. I didn’t know how to improve my English for many years. But now I know, after studying the books… at LCNV, I feel as though my English is not the same as before. Through stories I have learned a lot about different countries and cultures. My knowledge became wider, and I became more generous.

Right now I hope my English will help me take some computer and sewing specialty classes. I’m suggesting more people to join the LCNV programs, and they’ll have a chance to fulfill their dreams like mine.

– Mo Kam

Please consider purchasing an item off of our wish list from September 21-25 through Fall into Giving, an online donation drive, to help learners like Mo Kam achieve her dreams! Thank you.

LCNV Fall 2015 Adult English Class Registration Starts September 8

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The fall session for The Literacy Council of Northern Virginia’s (LCNV) Adult ELL classes starts September 21, and student registration runs from September 8 – September 16. Please help us spread the word by letting any current or potential students know! See more info on the types of classes offered and our Fall 2015 class schedule.

Please note that:

  • Students must register prior to class.
  • Students can go to any registration site to sign up for any class.
  • During registration, students pay a $60 registration fee and take an oral placement exam.
  • Partial and full scholarships are available.
  • Classes are in the Fall, Spring, and Summer.

For more information see our class schedule or contact the Literacy Council at (703) 237-0866.

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