Integrated LCNV Instructor Training Yields Multiple Benefits

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In September LCNV held its first integrated LCNV Instructor Training, designed to prepare teachers, tutors, and aides to work with LCNV learners in various capacities. LCNV is grateful to its dedicated training team volunteers who collaborated with staff to develop and deliver the new training modules under a tight timeframe. Now an LCNV-trained instructor can move seamlessly between roles and in the process offer our students more learning opportunities than ever before.

Historically the classroom, ESOL tutoring and BAL tutoring programs operated in three separate silos, each with its own unique training program. Volunteers prepared within one division were only qualified to deliver instruction in that division. Fewer volunteer opportunities resulted in waiting lists of students and volunteers. Unifying all academic programs under one umbrella around one core training program has opened up opportunities, and is expected to shorten the time that volunteers wait to work with students as well as reduce how long students wait for much needed services.

As a class aide, a volunteer can help individualize instruction by working with small groups under the teacher’s supervision or enable a struggling student to succeed by offering assistance during class. An aide can also provide continuity in the classroom by substituting for the teacher during an absence.

As a tutor, a volunteer can work with a classroom student before or after class to offer an academic boost or help a student who is unable to enroll in a class attain a personal learning goal such as passing the citizenship exam.

As an LCNV teacher, a volunteer with previous teaching experience can apply to teach or co-teach a beginning English class or work on English with either parents or children during a Family Learning class. More teaching opportunities will open up as we begin to expand our offerings in skills-based classes such as pronunciation and writing, and workforce-based language and literacy classes through our new track Destination Workforce™.

Merging training exposes all instructors to the same pedagogical concepts based on best practices in teaching English language learners. This new training program is research-driven while retaining the best elements from the past. Volunteers trained under the old program are encouraged to complete the new face-to-face program to refresh their skills.

Most important, the new reorganization of academic programs around an integrated, unified training allows a student to receive more intensive instruction through multiple avenues (classroom and tutorial); increases our instructor–to–student ratio; and results in greater academic gains over a shorter time period.

LCNV continues to expand our broad-based professional development program that begins at orientation and includes face-to-face and 24/7 online learning opportunities. More to come in future newsletters about this program as it develops.

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