“By Learning English I Have a Dream”

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Learning English opens the door to daily conveniences and great aspirations. Many of LCNV’s learners begin classes with a dream of getting a job, becoming entrepreneurs, or participating in politics. Others enter our programs hoping to make day-to-day tasks easier – they dream of riding the bus, going to the doctor, or grocery shopping. These dreams, large and small, are not mutually exclusive. The business owner working towards their goals needs to be able to fill out tax forms in English, and the student learning to order food in English may be inspired to open their own restaurant. LCNV strives to empower English language learners to fulfill their potential and realize their dreams. LCNV learner Xiang’s 2017 essay Learning English Gives Me Power explores the power of English – the importance of every day communication, and how, by learning English, students can change the course of their lives.

“By learning English I can call about health insurance. I can talk to my neighbors. I can go to a restaurant and order food. I can go to auto service and ask questions. Learning English makes me feel better than before. I understand more when American people speak.
By learning English I have a dream. I want to open a different and interesting store. The store will be about Chinese tea: how to make and how to do, the different water and different temperatures, and different teas. [It is all] very interesting.”


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