“Even though it’s hard, I would like to con­tinue”

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The Literacy Council of Northern Virginia’s new semester is upon us! The start of classes brings new and returning faces to our various class locations, and with them, a range of literacy levels and educational backgrounds. While we often recall the success stories of our many learners who have achieved their goals, advanced their careers, or moved on with their education through literacy, it can be easy to forget the tremendous progress these learners make every day – and the effort it takes to get them there. The desire to learn, improve, and achieve a dream is what drives each learner to show up and speak up in class, to complete their homework, or seek out extra help in our supplemental tutoring program. LCNV learner Isata exemplifies this progress through her story of learning, and the challenges of becoming literate. Read her 2015 essay below:

“My name is Isata. I am from Sierra Le­one. I am a mother of five. It is hard to learn when you have kids. I work at Walmart as a sales asso­ciate. They offered me a position as a supervisor but I can’t take it because I need to read and write more.

By learning English I hope to become a bus driver. I just like to work for the County because I think that the County might pay better and have good benefits. To get this job I need to be able to read and write English.

I would like to thank the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia. I remember when I started with the Literacy Council. I could not read or write. Today I can read and write and I would like to continue reading, writing and speaking. I’d like to thank my teacher who helped me to read and write. Even though it’s hard, I would like to con­tinue.”


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