“I’m Glad About Finding the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia – I Found Help!”

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LCNV learner Marie had an experience like that of so many other LCNV learners. She struggled with day-to-day tasks due to her lack of English, and would become frustrated that she couldn’t read or write. These difficulties made everyday chores a hassle, and kept Marie from achieving her potential. When Marie enrolled in LCNV’s programs, her confidence grew. She started to engage with others, visit the library, and read for pleasure and knowledge.

Marie’s story is unique, though not uncommon among adult language learners. Each year 1,500 adult learners come to LCNV for help with reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English. Read Marie’s story below, and consider supporting LCNV’s programs for adult English learners here.

“The Literacy Council of Northern Virginia gave me a teacher. Then I had to learn how to read, write, and pronounce different words correctly. When it comes to writing I had to learn the different parts of speech and different kinds of sentences.

I’m learning how to use the library and check out books. The library is a place you can get information on just about anything. I have read some autobiography and some biography. They were mostly about women in the past and the conditions they lived under. In the past I found myself not being able to read and write and express my feelings in writing. These things would get me upset with myself.

Now that my reading has improved it gives me the confidence to take care of my personal business and ask questions. I’m so glad that I found the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia and asked for help. This was the most important step that I made to get help.”

LCNV is a Parade Magazine Outstanding Charity

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We are honored to announce that the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia has been selected as one of Parade magazine’s “Outstanding Charities” for 2017. Thank you for supporting literacy education for adults in Northern Virginia! To read the article, click here.

Families Flourish with Adult Education

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LCNV learner Massuda came to America from Pakistan in 1982 when her children were young. 30 years later she wrote this essay. Her children have grown and achieved great things in the United States, as has Massuda. While learning English can be a significant challenge for those new to the United States, Massuda has now graduated from LCNV’s programs and seen her family grow roots in the community.

In her essay below, Massuda mentions the limited access to education in her home country. Her success and her children’s successes show that in tandem, public education and accessible adult education can help families flourish. As an LCNV learner, Massuda increased her education level, became more involved in community activities, attained a healthier lifestyle, and reached many other personal goals. These key achievements have made Massuda a more involved citizen, able to continue improving her life and the lives of her family members in America. If you would like to help parents like Massuda improve their ability to help their children succeed, support accessible adult education here.

“When we came to the U.S. that was December 15, 1982. I was very happy. My children were young. They’re going to school. I was very joyful. We lived in Pakistan. There was no school. My children were home. Nobody at school. Now all my family finished studying. They have a good life. When they finished high school I had a big party. We were very happy. I have eight children. I had eight parties. My two daughters are working in the laboratory. One of my daughters works in the Pentagon. My son has a business. My young son has a business too.”

Jimmy’s Story

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Although many doors open to language learners when they gain English skills, LCNV’s adult learners aren’t just learning for their own benefit. November is Family Literacy Month, a perfect time to focus on the significance of adult English education for all ages. When adults can read and communicate in English, their children succeed. LCNV learner Jimmy’s 2015 essay exemplifies this perfectly, as he reflects on his new bond with his grandson through reading. Read about his progress below.

“I have hopes and dreams to read to my grandchildren and read out loud in public one day. I have struggled with reading most of my life [but] I am making progress now and I can read short stories to my grandson. In the future I hope to read my birthday card out loud in public and read long storybooks to my grandchildren.”

“My Hopes and Dreams”

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LCNV proudly hosts two USCIS Naturalization Ceremonies annually. We are happy to welcome new U.S. citizens and to give our current learners the opportunity to observe the event. For some learners, the ceremony brings back memories of their own experience becoming a citizen, while for others it sparks a desire to pursue citizenship. In his 2015 essay, LCNV learner Maximino writes about his dreams of fatherhood, career advancement, and United States citizenship. Fittingly, Maximino ends his essay with his dream of strengthening his English skills. English literacy is a core component of not only U.S. citizenship, but all of Maximino’s dreams.

“By learning English, I hope to get a better job. My dream for my future is to be a father and to have children. Someday I hope to buy a new car. My dream is to become a citizen of the USA. Another hope I have is to be helpful to people in my community. I want to be a volunteer. Another dream I have is to speak, learn and write English very well.”

“My Life”

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LCNV learners are tenacious and dedicated, pushing themselves to reach their ever expanding goals as quickly as they can. This drive to learn, acclimate, work and achieve is what keeps our classrooms buzzing and our learners succeeding. LCNV learner Fatima recalls the many goals she has reached since arriving in the United States, one of which is gaining her United States citizenship! If you would like to celebrate learners like Fatima, attend the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Naturalization Ceremony on November 8, 2017 in Falls Church, VA. For more details click here.

“Since coming to this country I have been dreaming about many things. Now my life is getting better. Before I came to the United States I was thinking that the United States is going to be easy but it wasn’t for me because I didn’t have any education, job experience or speak any English. The first year was very hard for me. After that I met a friend that helped me a lot. She saw me very homesick so she told me about this school. Then I registered for the LCNV school; the school gives me a teacher. First, she started the alphabet with me. Next, I started learning speaking, reading, and writing. Next I started looking for a job and I got one. Now I have some work experience. Later, I asked my teacher to learn about citizenship. She agreed and I started working on becoming a U.S. citizen. Mrs. Ruth started teaching me the history and government of the United States. Next I took the test and I passed. Then they sent me a letter to go to a ceremony and I got my citizenship certificate. I was so happy. Now we are working on the driver learners permit. One thing that I would say to everyone is that if you work hard you could or will achieve your dreams and will have a successful life. Now I’m so happy my dream came true. I’m thankful to my teacher Mrs. Ruth for all the hard work she did with me. I’m very thankful to teachers Connie and Mickey. Finally thank you to Literacy Council of Northern Virginia for the best program ever. God bless America. Thank you again.”

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