“My Life”

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LCNV learners are tenacious and dedicated, pushing themselves to reach their ever expanding goals as quickly as they can. This drive to learn, acclimate, work and achieve is what keeps our classrooms buzzing and our learners succeeding. LCNV learner Fatima recalls the many goals she has reached since arriving in the United States, one of which is gaining her United States citizenship! If you would like to celebrate learners like Fatima, attend the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Naturalization Ceremony on November 8, 2017 in Falls Church, VA. For more details click here.

“Since coming to this country I have been dreaming about many things. Now my life is getting better. Before I came to the United States I was thinking that the United States is going to be easy but it wasn’t for me because I didn’t have any education, job experience or speak any English. The first year was very hard for me. After that I met a friend that helped me a lot. She saw me very homesick so she told me about this school. Then I registered for the LCNV school; the school gives me a teacher. First, she started the alphabet with me. Next, I started learning speaking, reading, and writing. Next I started looking for a job and I got one. Now I have some work experience. Later, I asked my teacher to learn about citizenship. She agreed and I started working on becoming a U.S. citizen. Mrs. Ruth started teaching me the history and government of the United States. Next I took the test and I passed. Then they sent me a letter to go to a ceremony and I got my citizenship certificate. I was so happy. Now we are working on the driver learners permit. One thing that I would say to everyone is that if you work hard you could or will achieve your dreams and will have a successful life. Now I’m so happy my dream came true. I’m thankful to my teacher Mrs. Ruth for all the hard work she did with me. I’m very thankful to teachers Connie and Mickey. Finally thank you to Literacy Council of Northern Virginia for the best program ever. God bless America. Thank you again.”


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