“My Hopes and Dreams”

November 8, 2017 at 8:00 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

LCNV proudly hosts two USCIS Naturalization Ceremonies annually. We are happy to welcome new U.S. citizens and to give our current learners the opportunity to observe the event. For some learners, the ceremony brings back memories of their own experience becoming a citizen, while for others it sparks a desire to pursue citizenship. In his 2015 essay, LCNV learner Maximino writes about his dreams of fatherhood, career advancement, and United States citizenship. Fittingly, Maximino ends his essay with his dream of strengthening his English skills. English literacy is a core component of not only U.S. citizenship, but all of Maximino’s dreams.

“By learning English, I hope to get a better job. My dream for my future is to be a father and to have children. Someday I hope to buy a new car. My dream is to become a citizen of the USA. Another hope I have is to be helpful to people in my community. I want to be a volunteer. Another dream I have is to speak, learn and write English very well.”


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  1. It was absolutely touching to be in the presence of our newest American citizens as they reached the end of a long and emotional road to get to this day.


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