Families Flourish with Adult Education

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LCNV learner Massuda came to America from Pakistan in 1982 when her children were young. 30 years later she wrote this essay. Her children have grown and achieved great things in the United States, as has Massuda. While learning English can be a significant challenge for those new to the United States, Massuda has now graduated from LCNV’s programs and seen her family grow roots in the community.

In her essay below, Massuda mentions the limited access to education in her home country. Her success and her children’s successes show that in tandem, public education and accessible adult education can help families flourish. As an LCNV learner, Massuda increased her education level, became more involved in community activities, attained a healthier lifestyle, and reached many other personal goals. These key achievements have made Massuda a more involved citizen, able to continue improving her life and the lives of her family members in America. If you would like to help parents like Massuda improve their ability to help their children succeed, support accessible adult education here.

“When we came to the U.S. that was December 15, 1982. I was very happy. My children were young. They’re going to school. I was very joyful. We lived in Pakistan. There was no school. My children were home. Nobody at school. Now all my family finished studying. They have a good life. When they finished high school I had a big party. We were very happy. I have eight children. I had eight parties. My two daughters are working in the laboratory. One of my daughters works in the Pentagon. My son has a business. My young son has a business too.”


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