“I’m Glad About Finding the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia – I Found Help!”

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LCNV learner Marie had an experience like that of so many other LCNV learners. She struggled with day-to-day tasks due to her lack of English, and would become frustrated that she couldn’t read or write. These difficulties made everyday chores a hassle, and kept Marie from achieving her potential. When Marie enrolled in LCNV’s programs, her confidence grew. She started to engage with others, visit the library, and read for pleasure and knowledge.

Marie’s story is unique, though not uncommon among adult language learners. Each year 1,500 adult learners come to LCNV for help with reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English. Read Marie’s story below, and consider supporting LCNV’s programs for adult English learners here.

“The Literacy Council of Northern Virginia gave me a teacher. Then I had to learn how to read, write, and pronounce different words correctly. When it comes to writing I had to learn the different parts of speech and different kinds of sentences.

I’m learning how to use the library and check out books. The library is a place you can get information on just about anything. I have read some autobiography and some biography. They were mostly about women in the past and the conditions they lived under. In the past I found myself not being able to read and write and express my feelings in writing. These things would get me upset with myself.

Now that my reading has improved it gives me the confidence to take care of my personal business and ask questions. I’m so glad that I found the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia and asked for help. This was the most important step that I made to get help.”


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