“I Overcome My Weakness”

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LCNV learner Liem was initially shy and nervous about speaking English, and her limited English proficiency made life difficult. She required the help of friends and relatives to complete everyday tasks, and couldn’t understand other English speakers. Even though she had learned some English in high school, Liem needed immersive instruction as an adult. Luckily, Liem enrolled with the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia. A dedicated student since 2011, Liem now understands English. Irrespective of background or previous education level, all beginning-level adult English language learners are welcome at LCNV. For information about classes beginning in January, click here.

“By learning English, I hope to become a better communicator. With improved English, I can better adjust to this new life in my second country: the United States.

I learned English through my native language during my high school years without practicing with an English teacher. When I came here, I [was] met with many disadvantages in using English. I really didn’t understand the fast speech, the difficult accents or the conversational vocabulary of native English speakers. I was afraid to go out without my relatives. I only smiled to my neighbors when they greeted me. I was at the DMV for the driver’s license exam with a translator. Although I listened to what the cashier said every time I went shopping, I couldn’t understand anything at all. I was very disappointed. I know learning English or any other language takes time and patience. It cannot be rushed. But how could I carry on learning English with the best results?

Since I have worked with my teacher who the Literacy Council presented to me, I am much improved. I overcome my weakness and shyness and follow my volunteer teacher’s instructions. She helps me to correct my mistakes about pronunciation and grammar. We focus on conversation, sentence structures, idioms and cultural references found in actual life.

Gradually, I began to feel more confident than I was before in my communication. Now I love to study English because I can speak to express my thoughts. I am able to understand some simple sentences when people speak. It’s very interesting.

I know I still have to work hard for a long time to continue learning. As I continue to learn, and become a successful communicator, I can live here like the native people. A new life with many good things in the United States will make my dream come true.”


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