A New Year’s Day Celebration

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LCNV’s learners come from over 90 different countries, and bring the holiday traditions of their cultures with them to the United States. In LCNV learner Kim’s 2012 essay, she describes the celebration of the Korean New Year’s Day on January 1 of each year. Kim describes the traditional clothing, gifts, and dancing, as well as games and other traditions. Kim even describes some of the mouthwatering food that is typically served on this holiday! Kim’s essay highlights another side of why English literacy is so important – she can share her culture with English speakers from different backgrounds, while learning more about traditions from around the world.

If you’d like to help beginning-level English learners like Kim in the New Year, please consider donating to LCNV.

“I want to celebrate Korean New Year’s Day. The oriental calendar begins on January 1, that day we celebrate Korean New Year’s Day. This celebration comes from a long history of families meeting together like American families get together at Thanksgiving.

The children wear new Korean traditional dress, they bow to their elders. The adults give some money to the children. They call the money (a New Year’s greeting).

We eat some special traditional food, rice cake soup, many different kinds of vegetables, and a special fish! Normally we don’t eat this kind of food every day. Tastes ummm!

The men play a game called Mah-jong. Young ladies, with braided hair and Korean dress, hold hands and make a big circle and skip around the circle to dance. The name is kang kang-sutlet. It is a really cool dance. Every Korean family is happy with getting together for this celebration.”


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