“Learning English”

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LCNV learner Luc has been a part of our community for 3 semesters, initially studying in a Beginning-level English Class, then moving onto LCNV’s Skills-based Writing Class. Luc’s growing mastery of English is apparent in his 2017 essay, in which he makes the case for the importance of learning English. Luc’s progress is one example of the advancement our learners can make with the right balance of motivation and a strong academic program. If someone you know wants to make progress in learning English, visit www.lcnv.org for class sign-up times and more information.

“Learning English is very useful for everyone living in America. First, because it is a determining factor of social and professional integration. So our daily activities like get a taxi, drive a car, go shopping, or make an appointment demand the English knowledge. Then, thanks to the English language, people can get a good job and be able to safeguard it. Finally, English can help people to communicate and use the computer better. In conclusion, everyone should learn English.”


English Around the World

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Many of LCNV’s learners take classes to learn, understand and thrive in their new home in the United States. For LCNV learner Jose, English was a means to understand his temporary residence. Jose came to the United States for one year in 2015 for his child’s education, after which he returned to Spain. With his newfound knowledge of English and the experience he had at LCNV, Jose and his family found a wonderful community in the United States. Thanks to LCNV, Jose can now converse in English throughout the world!

“I and my family have come to America so our child could study during a school year in this country. During this time, we are also studying English and meeting new people.

We have been very lucky because all the people we know are helping us a lot and very kindly help make easy what we find difficult.

For this reason, now that the time is coming for us to go back to Spain, a feeling of homesickness is starting to emerge for the U.S. and for the people we have met here.”

Hope in the New Year

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With the start of the New Year and the beginning of spring class registration today, possibility fills the air at the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia. Every LCNV learner who arrives to sign up for classes brings with them different dreams and aspirations. LCNV learner Hau wrote this 2015 essay sharing his desires for the future. He closes the essay writing that he is “dreaming about a full-time job”. Hau has since become employed full-time, and is continuing to work towards achieving his other dreams!

Help learners like Hau start 2018 on the right foot. Please donate today.

“I hope to get a better job when I have contact with everybody, I hope they understand me. My dream for my future is to retire. I will go to travel once a year to my favorite places. Someday I hope to make a lot of money. I will buy a new house. Since coming to this country I have been dreaming about a full-time job.”

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