“I Would Like to Thank My Teachers”

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About a quarter of LCNV’s learners have had 12 or more years of education prior to enrolling in our programs. These highly educated learners who received all of their schooling in a language other in English face a language barrier that holds them back from contributing to the community and the workforce at their skill level. LCNV learner Wajai studied at a university in Afghanistan. Her move to the United States meant that she had to relearn how to communicate. Wajai describes the value of a shift from Dari to English for everyday communication in her essay below. The immense talent of new immigrants can be unlocked with English.

Does someone you know need English to get ahead? LCNV’s FINAL sign-up opportunity for spring classes is on February 3. Call 703-237-0866 for more information.

“My mother tongue is Dari and I finished school and university in Dari language – back in Afghanistan.

When I moved to America to start living here I encountered problems and changes as a result of not knowing English. I decided that learning English is important so [that] in the future I can help my children, find a good job, and serve my family and community. I would like to thank my teachers for their support.”


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